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The salon Experience

Secret Meetings is a boutique hair color salon that prides itself on individual attention and personalized experience—delivering high quality hair without pretension in a relaxed, intimate environment. Housed in a quiet, casual space in the heart of the Flatiron District the salon services clients with discerning taste. 

The salon offers clients a seamless booking process, expert consultation and a full suite of hair color and styling services. Most importantly, the salon’s services allow clients to express their best selves–leaving the experience empowered, confident and shining in radiant, enviable color. 


About our founder

Helmed by Eric Muroski, a colorist previously at Marie Robinson and Sally Hershberger, Secret Meetings offers an exclusive experience for clients seeking distinguished service from the typical salon. 

With an exacting attention to detail, the hallmark of his style, Eric fixes his keen eye on the interplay between color, texture, and movement–the building blocks of beautiful, wearable color.